Vision of the 10th Gniezno Convention

“Europe of New Beginnings. The Liberating Power of Christianity” is the motto of the 10th Gniezno Convention to be held on 11-13 March 2016. We refer to the 1050th anniversary of Prince Mieszko’s baptism, which marks the beginning of Poland’s history and Poland’s role in the family of European nations.
We can identify a clear need for a profound renewal in the present-day life of the Church, Europe and Poland. We believe that this renewal may commence with an examination of conscience of Polish Christianity and a return to the wellspring of baptism. In Gniezno we wish to experience and bear witness to the liberating power of the Gospel.
On the 25th anniversary of the collapse of the Soviet Union we want to invite representatives of the brotherly Slavic nations and sum up the transformations taking place in Central and Eastern Europe. The countries of our part of the continent were liberated a quarter of a century ago; are they free, too?
The 10th Gniezno Convention will provide an opportunity for encounters between people, communities and organisations who, recognising the above subjects as important, wish to lay down the Christian foundations of the civil society.