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Programme Declaration of the 11th Gniezno Convention

Europe – a Land of the Free. The Inspirational Power of Christianity” is the subject of the 11th Gniezno Convention, to be held on September 21-23, 2018.
The year 2018 marks the centennial of the conclusion of the tragic World War I and of the regaining of independence by Poland and a few other states in our region of Europe. In reference to these events, as Christians we want to reflect on freedom and sources of hope for our continent’s future. National sovereignty is a gift which must be continuously safeguarded in the name of the common good of the homeland and of the entire Europe, currently undergoing a crisis of its own identity.
Freedom is the Creator’s great gift for each and every human being. Christians moreover are delivered from the shackles of sin by Christ. However, it is not enough to be “free from”; we must be “free to”. We must want to choose and to choose judiciously. Freedom is an extraordinary value as well as, if not primarily, an enormous responsibility. As St. John Paul II indicated, freedom is both given and entrusted to us.
It was both Karol Wojtyła and the millennial primate Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński who taught us freedom and guided us on the path towards independence. Their legacy continues to bind us. Through his teaching and spiritual witness, Saint Pope John Paul II laid the groundwork for the reunification of the continent, which makes him one of the founding fathers of Europe.
Faced with the various hardships afflicting today’s world, Europe and our homeland, we need hope that lives forever. We find a source of this hope in our faith. Therefore, we ask questions about the inspirational power of Christianity for making the word a better place – as persons and communities, both locally and globally.
The 11th Gniezno Convention will provide an opportunity for meetings of individuals, communities and organisations which, recognising the importance of the above topics, want to lay the Christian foundations of Europe and the civil society.