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Convention’s agenda

11th Gniezno Convention

Europe – a Land of the Free

The Inspirational Power of Christianity

21-23 September, 2018


under honorary auspices of

President of the Republic of Poland Andrzej Duda
on the centenary of Poland regaining independence 1918–2018


Convention’s agenda



Friday, 21 September


11.15 am

Song “Duch Pański nade mną”

Prayer held by the Congress chaplains from three Christian traditions

Rev. Michał Makula, Evangelical chaplain

Rev. Paweł Minajew, Orthodox chaplain

Fr. Marek Pieńkowski OP, Catholic chaplain


Opening of the Convention

Chair: Paweł kęska (Bl. Fr. Jerzy Popiełuszko Museum)

Marta Titaniec, Chairwoman of the Organising Committee of the 11th Gniezno Convention

Archbishop Wojciech Polak, Metropolitan of Gniezno, Primate of Poland, Chairman of the Gniezno Conventions

Bishop Jerzy Samiec, Chairman of the Evangelical Church of Augsburg Confession (Lutheran) in the Republic of Poland, President of the Polish Ecumenical Council



Address of the President of Poland Andrzej Duda



Song “Pieśń o nadziei”

Chair: Rev. Dr. grzegorz Giemza (Director of the Polish Ecumenical Council)

Sources of Hope for Europe

– lecture: Archbishop Ludwig Schick, Metropolitan of Bamberg


1 pm lunch break

A meeting of President Andrzej Duda with leaders and representatives of the Christian Churches participating in the Convention


2.45 pm

Song “Bóg jest Miłością”

Chair: Tomasz Królak (KAI Catholic News Agency)

Teachers of Polish Freedom: Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński and Karol Wojtyła–Saint Pope John Paul II

Prof. Bohdan Cywiński, Dr. Paweł Skibiński, Dr. Massimiliano Signifredi, Dr. Maciej Zięba OP


3.50 pm

Song “Benedicamus”

Chair: Katarzyna Łukomska (responsible for Chemin Neuf Community in Poland)

 “Love and Do Whatever You Please”… Christian Freedom in a World Where Everything is Allowed

– lecture: Professor Chantal Delsol, philosopher, Université Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée


4.30 pm



Opening of the exhibition „Dreams of Freedom. The Centennial of Independence” in the hall of the Museum of the Origins of the Polish State (with an author of texts: Prof. Bohdan Cywiński)


5 pm

meetings in small workshop groups

Workshops of Christian Hope (Part One)

Workshop 1. How to be a Polish patriot and a European showing solidarity at the same time? (coach: Przemysław Fenrych)

Workshop 2. The joy of celebrating independence with our neighbours (coach: Krzysztof Stanowski)

Workshop 3. Freedom between respect for man and the right to full self-expression (coach: Maciej Omylak)

Workshop 4. How to talk politics with family at table and not to quarrel? (coach: Piotr Czekierda)

Workshop 5.  To help – without enslaving and being manipulated (coach: Agnieszka Horoszczak)

Workshop 6. “What has happened to our classmates?” What does solidarity mean today? (coach: Maria Szymborska)

Workshop 7. Europe as a community of values – what does being a European in the 21st century mean? (coach: Katarzyna Zakroczymska)

Workshop 8. Auschwitz as a warning (coaches: Rev. Manfred Deselaers, Joanna Barcik)

Workshop 9. Nation, family, local communities as a space for shaping common good and civic attitudes (coach: Aleksandra Kujawska)

Workshop 10. Sustainable development at personal, social and global level (coach: Marcin Przybysz)

Workshop 11. Young people – Politics – Brotherhood… Can anything be connected? (coaches: Agata Jaworska, Marcela Ostaszewska)


7 pm



8 pm

service at the Gniezno Cathedral

Ecumenical Way of Freedom

“It is for freedom that Christ has set us free” (Galatians 5:1)

with a homily by Archbishop Prof. Grzegorz Ryś, archbishop of Łódź, Church historian




Saturday, 22 September


9.30 am

plenary sessions (simultaneous sessions in two rooms)


Assembly Hall

Song “Miłujcie się wzajemnie”

Migration Crisis – Refugee Crisis – a Crisis of Solidarity?

– panel debate: Fr. Prof. Waldemar Cisło, Agnieszka Kosowicz, Prof. Marek Rymsza, Bishop Dr. Krzysztof Zadarko

– moderator: Dr. Paweł Stachowiak (Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań)


AMU Institute of European Culture

Song “Bogurodzica”

European Homeland. What Role for Poland in Europe?

– panel debate: Prof. Jerzy Buzek, Dr. Paweł Kowal, Prof. Hanna Suchocka, Minister Konrad Szymański

– moderator: Dr. Marcin Kędzierski (Jagiellonian Club, Kraków)


11 am



11.30 am

plenary sessions (simultaneous sessions in two rooms)


Assembly Hall

Song “Tak bowiem Bóg umiłował świat”

Free to Reconciliation

– panel debate: Fr. Dr. Manfred Deselaers (Auschwitz), Fr. Dr. Georgiy Kochetkov (Moscow), Rev. Dr. George Kovalenko (Kiev), Dr. Jörg Lüer (Berlin)

– moderator: Marta Titaniec (Club of Catholic Intelligentsia, Warsaw)


AMU Institute of European Culture

Song “Czego chcesz od nas, Panie”

Love of the Homeland: Between Patriotism and National Egoism

– panel debate: Michał Drozdek, Marek Jurek, Prof. Waldemar Łazuga, Prof. Paweł Śpiewak, Fr. Prof. Alfred M. Wierzbicki

– moderator: Przemysław Fenrych (Foundation in Support of Local Democracy, Szczecin)


1 pm

lunch break


2 pm

Opening of the exhibition “Witness” prepared by the Vera Icon Community of Christian Artists


3 pm

plenary sessions (simultaneous sessions in two rooms)


Assembly Hall

Song “Blazeni”

“Younger brothers” in the old Europe: together, but how?

– panel debate: Dr. Pavol Demeš (Slovakia), Dr. Kai-Olaf Lang (Germany), Prof. Alaksandar Milinkievič (Belarus), Dr. Oleksiy Panych (Ukraine), Ambassador Dr. Marek Prawda (Poland)

– moderator: Krzysztof Stanowski (Center for International Cooperation, Lublin)


AMU Institute of European Culture

Song “Będę śpiewał Tobie, mocy moja”

Really at the first place? Persons with disabilities in Church and society

– panel debate: Dr. Agnieszka Dudzińska, Maria Libura, Dr. Anna Maliszewska, Sr. Eliza Myk OP

– moderator: Jarema Piekutowski (“Nowa Konfederacja” monthly)

4.30 pm


5 pm

meetings in small workshop groups

Workshops of Christian Hope (Part Two)

Workshop 12. Education in freedom – school, home, church, media, public space (coach: Teresa Kowalczyk)

Workshop 13. Reconciliation, solidarity, partnership – creating daily relations between Poles and Ukrainians (coaches: Joanna Konieczna-Sałamatin, Rusłan Sałamatin)

Workshop 14. How do you talk about history at school, so that it connects rather than divides? (coach: Zofia Fenrych)

Workshop 15. Media of hate? Freedom and hatred in social media – what to do? (coaches: Anna Szadkowska-Ciężka, Anna Dąbrowska)

Workshop 16. “I was a stranger…” A Christian vis-à-vis refugees in practice (coach: Agnieszka Kosowicz)

Workshop 17. Citizen – that is, who? Limits of freedom in everyday life (coach: Anna Bentyn)

Workshop 18. Freedom of employer and employee – where is the meeting line? (coaches: Sławomir Miązek, Adam Bijas)

Workshop 19. Local self-government as a guardian of freedom and social order (coach: Krzysztof Soska)

Workshop 20. How to build a Church of equal women and men today? (coach: Zuzanna Radzik)

Workshop 21. Freedom, solidarity, reconciliation and hope of the closest neighbours (coach: Aleksandra Kujawska)

Workshop 22. New technologies – an opportunity or a constraint for evangelisation? (coach: Grzegorz Zajączkowski)



Ecumenical services in the churches of Gniezno

            (with homilies by clergymen of different Christian Churches)

7 pm


8 pm

Concert in the Congress Assembly Hall

by Stanisława Celińska with a band

Host: Monika Burczaniuk


Sunday, 23 September


9.30 am

Song “Dobry jest Pan dla wszystkich”

Morning prayer


9.40 am

plenary session

Chair: Fr. Dr. Przemysław Kwiatkowski (President of the St. Wojciech-Adalbert Foundation, Gniezno)

“For Your Freedom and Ours”. Being Free Means Being for Others

– lecture: Professor Rocco Buttiglione, philosopher, member of the Italian Senate


10.30 am

Summary of the Workshops of Christian Hope

Przemysław Fenrych, chairman of the Conventions’ Workshop Commission


11.00 pm



11.20 am

plenary session

Song “Gloria Tibi Domine”

Chair: Dr. Karlies Abmeier (Konrad Adenauer Foundation, Berlin)

“Pain of the World is also a Pain of the Church”. Christians for a Better World

– lecture: Cardinal Peter Turkson, Prefect of the Dicastery for the Promotion of Integral Human Development


1 pm   

Holy Mass in the Gniezno Cathedral with a homily by Card. Peter Turkson
(live broadcast in TVP Polonia)

Songs by the Primate’s Choir of Gniezno